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Avari – The Luxury of Appreciation

Avari is a premium bottled mineral water that was created to transcend the beverage industry and include an unforgettable drinking experience.


Cased in an exclusive packaging comparable to a work of art, Avari is undoubtedly a brand that exudes top elegance with each premium glass bottle.

The mineral water encased in these tall exclusive cases presents the best hydration from the lush forests of Nova Scotia, while channeling a feeling of luxury and quality lifestyle habits.

“We need to be respectful, classy and aware. We need to be Avari.”


A place where consciousness and a new vision of luxury come together.

A meeting point for change and awareness to recognise and admire the elegance of nature, all its elements, and the little pleasures of life.

It’s the best from the past – tradition, heritage and aesthetics – combined with the promises and excitement of the future. It’s a mindset that shapes the way we want to experience life from now on.


Concept: Noland Studio
Pau Santa Pau
Imagery & Renderings: Erik Lopez
 Pedro Naya

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