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Luxury Packaging Design for Premium Spirit Brands

The spirit and alcohol industry is growing at a phenomenal pace and competition can be intense. More and more, craft premium distilleries are entering the upper end of the market with a variety of high-end spirits.

However, it is possible to carve out a position for yourself and your spirit brand. But you need to know how to stand out.

You will need to understand the complexities of building a brand, and understand how luxury packaging design can be the ultimate differentiator.

Cognac, scotch, whiskey, tequila, gin, bourbon… Whatever fine spirits you offer, you want to make sure you have the best bottlings and high-end packaging in the business.


luxury packaging woodford reserve bourbon whiskey


Build a Strong, Memorable Spirit and Liquor Brand

Yes, the spirit market may be young, thriving and growing very quickly. However, it’s growing saturated… which is why creating a strategic approach to brand development and packaging design is crucial.

Your product’s high-end quality speaks for itself, of course. But strong branding and successful packaging will be the reasons your customer will try your product in the first place.

Remember: people buy brands —and recommend them— based on emotional responses.

Branding tells the visual and verbal story of your craft premium distillery.

This consistent, authentic and well-told story is the reason they will pay a premium for a distilled spirit.

So how do you create a strong luxury spirit brand?

By creating a set of expectations, stories and relationships that will make your customer choose your liquor over another on the shelf.


luxury packaging diplomatico rhum family product


Creating the Perfect Packaging for your Premium Spirits

Have you noticed finest spirit packaging has become increasingly elaborate?

How bottles have become high-quality vases, home for artistic expressions?

How liquor packaging is crafted to look more like fragrances?

We are witnessing a transformation in the way that we create spirit packaging design.

In a saturated market, it is crucial to create a compelling packaging design to position your brand as a luxury masterpiece premium good.

A few more details on liquor bottle packaging isn’t enough. If you want to remain on top, you need to go above and beyond the functionality of a bottle and successfully express the brand in unique, memorable ways.


luxury packaging louis XIII cognac


How to Create a Premium Spirit Packaging Design that will Stand Out:

Does your packaging design communicate ?

What makes a package truly stand out goes beyond impeccable design.

Packaging should capture attention and convey the brand’s essence so much it entices the viewer to explore it more closely.

Luxury packaging is usually simple. Don’t go overboard with vibrant, contrasting colors or bright graphics. Instead, choose one or two subtle, understated shades. A well-placed, elegant logo speaks volumes.


Does it tell a memorable story ?

When you create a packaging design that illustrates your spirit brand’s unique story, it helps elevate it to the luxury category. You can include highlights of your distillery’s history on the packaging information, or images to evoke a particular moment in time.

This masterful storytelling will enrich your customer’s perception of your spirit’s quality, uniqueness and exclusive nature.


Does it engage the senses ?

Did you know that branding and packaging design experience strongly influences the flavour experience?

If you want to create the best luxury packaging design for your liquor, you need to address your customer on a multi-sensory level. Unique details that add up to a sensorial experience (metal structure or a bold crest, for example) draws your audience into the story, and helps connect with them.

Enrich your spirit packaging experience with sensory details and in doing so, your value —and status— will go up.


Does it consider practicality and convenience ?

Taking your customer on a sensorial journey is well and good, but only if the packaging works on a practical level.

How do you ensure your glass bottle is safe in its container? How comfortable is it to carry your package? Is your container easy-to-open? How can its design experience enhance usability to meet the needs of, say, bartenders?

These questions help consider the practical levels of luxury spirit packaging.


Does it focus on the details ?

If you want your customers to pay a premium on your spirit and liquor products, you will need to pay attention to detail in both the design and the brand experience.

What is it that makes your high-end beverage so unique?

Use bespoke packaging design as an opportunity to demonstrate your luxury credentials. Subtle touches that add visual and sensual appeal —custom typography, bold lettering, gold detailing— will make all the difference.


Does it convey status, exclusivity and value ?

Your customers buy a luxury masterpiece because they expect the masterpiece they are purchasing carries a unique status. How you meet this expectation is crucial.

Is it through public endorsement? Is it through a limited edition? How can you make your product and packaging unique and exclusive?


Would it serve as a perfect gift ?

Packaging gives the sense that your spirit is a premium good, and it can also help make it a giftable piece.

A high-end liquor, presented in a visually appealing packaging, can be the perfect gift for a holiday, birthday or any kind of celebration.

Crafting the perfect packaging for luxury spirit brands isn’t easy. It should be a sensual experience for the senses to delight in, communicate its superior level of quality and represent the brand accurately.

luxury packaging bombay sapphire gin



The premium spirit market is growing, and it can be challenging to stand out.

At Noland, we have extensive experience in successfully helping spirit brands turn their packaging ideas into reality.

Contact us today to find out how we can create the perfect packaging design experience for your luxury spirits.

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