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At Noland Studio we commit to creative excelence. We use next generation technology in all our work to bring out the best in every brand. Our team transforms luxury packaging into a visual experience that captures the essence of the brand. Through the union of design and digital technologies, we explore new ways of telling your story and connecting with your target.

Discover how we transform ideas into visual masterpieces!

Our philosophy

As packaging design experts, we follow a list of principles that guarantee the high quality of our work:

Timeless design

We believe a timeless design is the key to a successful brand identity.

Our creative work transcends trends and temporary fads. A simple, practical and detailed packaging design is the first step to create a remarkable brand.


Authenticity captures the essence of the idea.

We ponder about the values and the connection with the audience’s experiences and aspirations.

The packaging design is the last step of a process in which the story and vision of the brand align.


Innovation requires a progressive perspective.

At Noland Studio we always go further than other design studios: we take on packaging design challenges to create a fresh and new experience for consumers.


A successful brand requires a team, luxury packaging needs the same.

Collaborative work is an identity sign at Noland Studio. Each project is led by one professional that works together with other Noland Studio team members: two heads are better than one.

Greetings from the team


Co-Founder & Managing Director


Co-Founder & Creative Director


Art Director


Graphic Designer


Graphic Designer


Graphic Designer

Aci Hussein


Graphic Designer


Graphic Designer

Nick Visan


Motion Design

Jaume Lopez


Motion Design

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