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The Magnolia Collective

Art Direction | Branding | Packaging

Magnolia is a brand that makes Handmade Wellness boxes for everyone who loves to create spa-like experiences at home. The box designs and the products in every box change according to different themes.

“Handmade Wellness”

Rejuvenate & Recharge Every Day

The Magnolia Box is a fresh & fun hamper filled with gifts specially curated for women by women.


We explored various colourful patterns to be skilfully printed onto fabric by hand using an Indian heritage craft called block printing


The shape of the label was crafted to represent the detailed work that encompasses the brand and products made by Magnolia Collective

Main logo

Other concepts

Midnight Bloom
Coral Blush

“Each item in our gift box promotes self-care, encouraging new mothers to relax and recharge every day while caring for their newborn babies.”

“Each giftbox includes products traditionally handmade in ethical working conditions by women and men from local Indian communities.”


Concept: Noland Studio
Design: Selene Cano
Renderings: & Erik Lopez

Our Client Said
“The blue box is doing really well. People love it. They are raving about it. Here is a comment of a customer sending it to someone: Dear Alexis, I loved this Mom gift so much we iust had to send it to you to recuperate... We see messages like this a lot. The renderings also get a lot of compliments. It’s very high quality work.”
Aysha Sanam – Founder

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