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Hippie Water – Cannabis Infused Beverage

Branding | Packaging

The branding shows a cannabis infused tonic as a natural and refreshing beverage ideal to have a good time with friends.


Since Alex, one of HW’s partners, contacted us, we were fascinated by the project as it is a brand that shares many values with Noland.

The intention of the brand was to become an alternative to alcoholic beverages, presenting as a new and healthy option for young adults.

The narrative we developed behind Hippie Water was based on freedom, well being and good vibes, as key principles of a happy, healthy and fun lifestyle.

The initial inspiration behind Hippie Water’s design was nature’s colours in combination with a youthful, bohemian and chic aesthetic. Hippie Water is presented as cannabis beverage that promotes social gatherings.

Communication: “Cannabis Infused Beverage”


Concept: Noland Studio
Pau Santa Pau and Selene Cano
Renderings: Erik Lopez and Pau Santa Pau

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