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Mood – In the Mood for Tea

Mood is a collection of teas that make you feel the way you want to feel. Through their flavours they put you in the right mood for every moment of the day.


We explored different design avenues to better capture the product features. All of them focused on experimentation and connection of body and mind. What makes a body behave in one way or another? That was the question we tried to solve.

“Take control of your day. Be good to yourself.”


We developed the logo, the entire brand identity and packaging design inspired by how sunlight influences our circadian rythms; how you need to be more alert if you need vitality or in a state of tranquillity for a restful sleep.


For the development of the pattern on the packaging, the client requested that each reference should correspond to a mood. We expressed this through the shapes, icons, and also colour.


Concept: Noland Studio
Pau Santa Pau and Selene Cano
Imagery & Renderings: Pedro Naya and Erik Lopez
Pedro Naya

Our Client Said

“I've had the pleasure of working with many terrific agencies over my time and I have to say - Noland is one of the very best. The team is phenomenal. If you are looking for a design studio to take your project and ideas to the next level, please reach out to them. I will 100% be working with them and his team in the near future. Thanks again!”
Simon Lind-Fraser – Mood Founder

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