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Flying Embers – Social Media Ads

Flying Embers is an original beverage brand from Ojai California; beverages made with plant-based botanicals, superfruits and adaptogens for naturally curious people.

Their flagship products are hard kombuchas, hard seltzers and recently a line of canned wines. But in addition to a great product, they have excellent brand architecture.

They know exactly how to capture the essence of where they come from and turn it into products. We have worked in collaboration with them for a whole year and produced fun publications and communication materials for their social media and events. This is just a small sample of all the work we have done, but the ones we enjoyed doing the most.

“Staying healthy is fun”


What does Valentine’s Day have in common with Flying Embers? To answer this question we turned to the Bubbly world of bubbles and fun blends we could make with hard kombuchas.


To celebrate the arrival of summer, what better way to do so than by launching a limited edition with the participation of artist Dewey Bryan Saunders. This Ginger Berry Boost is an imaginative blend of adaptogens, superfruits and roots, with a crisp and refreshing effervescence.


To present this new Chocolate Reishi Stout – a decadent and creamy, adaptogenic beer fueled by mushrooms, with bittersweet notes of cocoa – we had to generate buzz, to talk about the mystical experience of drinking an organic Irish-style dark Stout so rich it doesn’t feel light.


A new product enters the Flying Embers world. It is sophisticated, poetic and a lot of fun: the world of wine spritzers. We came up with the idea of representing this by animating poetic packaging collages.

flying embers natural wine spritzer range
Ring in the New Year with better Bubbly!

The year began with a champagne-style hard Kombucha. Fermented with authentic botanical ingredients and champagne-style yeast, and aged to perfection in Chardonnay wine barrels.


Concept: Noland Studio
 Pau Santa Pau and Selene Cano
Imagery & Renderings: Erik Lopez
 Nick Visan and Pedro Naya  

Our client Said
“Noland is an amazing group of creatives that span the globe. They have been a wonderful partner to work with. We have established some very successful communication and production systems. Looking forward to our continued partnership!”
Beryl Jacobson - Chief Creative Officer, Co-Founder​

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